Meadow work at THB

Well what an excellent job Peter Gurney and his team from WYT have done cutting back that meadow area at Toad Holes Beck.

The area was full of Himalayan balsam and rank vegetation with few nectar rich wild flowers. All the cut vegetation has been removed so to reduces soil fertility, which is the long term key to encouraging more wildflowers.

On a different note. Yesterday I watch a Grey Squirrel and a Jay both collecting Acorns to store for the winter. However, when the sunlight hit the Oak tree I never realised just how beautiful the fresh acorn is!

2 thoughts on “Meadow work at THB

  1. Lindsey Sutherland

    Just walked round the pond at Toad Hole with our dogs and we remarked on how good it was to see the area had been cut and cleared. Many thanks to Peter and his team. Managing a site like this is very difficult as it needs more fit people to tackle it.

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