Seeing Red at Caldene fields…

Yesterday I got a real surprise!.

I had put the moth trap out and there was nothing exciting to be found.

But after recording all the species I decided to have a closer look in the area directly where the moth trap was set.

And I found this stunner…. a Red Underwing resting on a fence.

It had it’s wings closed so I carefully encouraged it into a glass jar and as it woke it gave me a reason why the moth is called the RED Underwing.

This is my third record with the first one been at Raw Nook NR when one fed from a sugar and alcohol mixture I had placed on a tree.

A juvenile Common Buzzard appear yesterday low over Caldene fields only to land in a Hawthorn tree. The good news here is that it was probably a local bred bird ( May be from Birkenshaw/Tong area)

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