Roe Deer…

Regular reader to this site will know that we get a few sightings of Roe Deer in our recording area.

This morning I found a good number of their tracks on a path suggesting they are regular users at that site, which is great news for our area.

A Swallow (Probable male) has returned to it’s breeding site on New Works Road Low Moor and can be seen resting on the wires and flying around the area. Lets hope she arrives soon!!

Common Whitethroats are now starting to appear but as yet no Lesser Whitethroat have been noted. There are at least 3 male CW in song at nearby Low Moor Banks. A pair of Blackcap also at the site were seen in early courtship.

The male Common Whitethroat (Opposite) was using his song flight to attract a female at Toad Holes Beck this morning.

Sad new…The Canada goose nest containing eggs has been predated probably by a Fox at TH Beck

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