Rare plant find at Raw Nook NR…

Hands up…I have been that busy with Moths/Butterflies etc. I hadn’t checked my email properly. That’s the first part of the story.

Whilst correcting this issue on the 20/7/21 I noticed one from Leah Poppy who had been down to the reserve on 17/7/21 and found two Monotropa hypopitys or Yellowbird’s-nest https://species.nbnatlas.org/species/NHMSYS0021240704

Then within minutes of reading Leah’s email I received another email from Stuart Tordoff who was down on the reserve with B.B.Es and Alice Gingell and others doing a plant survey to say they had found the same two plants!!!

Research reveals that the BSBI ( Botanical society of Britain & Ireland) hold 603 records for the species and it’s status is : Widespread throughout the UK but increasingly rare in the north and west.

I have submitted the record to the BSBI ( finder Leah Poppy ) and the Bradford Botany Group as it is an excellent record for the reserve.

Myself and Peter Gurney WYT went down later in the afternoon and found the plants which was a really exciting experience.

If anyone would like to see our important VIPlant…please email me for direction within the site at mvi.priestley@blueyonder.co.uk

May I take this opportunity to thank Leah Poppy and all my good friends at B.B.Es for finding this wonderful unusual Yellow bird’snest, plant


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