Next generation find a new plant…

On 10/8/21 I took my granddaughters on a nature walk at Raw Nook NR. We quickly found a number of butterflies species including this lovely Holly Blue

which was feeding on Rosebay willowherb

One of the places they love to go is in the Hazel wooded area in the middle of the meadow.

This is an excellent shady area and is really good for fungi.

We had only been in the area for a couple of minutes searching for anything of interest when my excited grandaughter shouted ” What’s this grandad?”

The fruit of the lovely Cuckoo-pint Arum maculatum.

My first thoughts were…Yes common but I don’t recall it been recorded here before.

Then we had a search round and found another one but this one’s fruit was not as developed and was greener.

Then it was my turn to get excited as it was a new plant for the reserve….

Other recent sightings at Raw Nook NR on the 11/8 were another 14 spot Ladybird, 7 Gatekeepers butterflies, and maybe a very early sign of autumn, 9 Swallows moving south.

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