Plenty of migration…

Another good day at the watchpoint with thrushes moving to the S/W, W and N.  A total of 2,091 Redwings, 38 Fieldfare, 17 Song Thrush and 9 Blackbirds were recorded.  There was a good showing of Jackdaws and I noticed predawn that 300+ left a roost somewhere over the Wyke area and headed S/W followed by a further 139 recorded throughout the watch.

From mid October Herring Gulls move through our area and I am wanting to find either a Yellow Legged Gull or better still a Caspian Gull…


Sadly this is neither..It’s a First winter Herring Gull L.a argenteus moving W.

Goldfinches are also featuring very well with local birds mixed in with birds moving S/W and some to the N a total of 193 were recorded today.

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