Goldfinches…and the demise of a Magpie…

Despite the fog it was a good morning at the watchpoint. Please see my sightings at  There has been excellent numbers of Goldfinches passing through the sight and this morning at least 50+ were ‘ tree hopping ‘ because of the fog.


Mid afternoon and Goldfinches still about at Caldene Fields.

I witnessed something today that I have never witnessed whilst birding before…A Magpie was been harassed by some other Magpies…nothing unusual in that..But the Magpie then laid down on the floor and opened it’s wings and let the other Magpies attack it.  It never tried to defend it’s self.  The attacking Magpies eventually killed the other Magpie.  I thought it was possible for food but no.  Once it was dead they flew.  I felt as though the bird wanted to die..I wondered if the bird was poorly and the other bird knew and it was natures way that they put it out of it’s misery.

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