Our uncommon beetle causes international debate…

On the 14th of June I was opening the moth trap when a rather large unusual beetle crawled out. Now my knowledge of Coleoptera (beetles) is limited to say the least so I took some photos for later investigate.

I ended up on the Coleoptera Facebook site and a chap from Sweden suggested it might be a Ancistronycha abdominalis. https://www.coleoptera.org.uk/species/ancistronycha-abdominalis

Then Michael Geiser replied: This is indeed Ancistronycha abdominalis! Not a very common species. Nice find!

Then a debate started about the beetle with others from Europe asking Michael Geiser for his advice. I researched Mr Geiser and realised why they were asking him for advice…..He is the Curator at the Natural History Museum and he has now gained even more valuable knowledge …The location of our wonderful urban wildlife haven!

There are very few dragonflies about at Caldene fields and Raw Nook NR at the moment due to the damaged dried up pond. However, I saw 4 Southern Hawker dragonflies emerge and fly off yesterday from my garden pond which was great to see.

Talking of ponds Mark Brookes contacted me to say that yesterday he had seen a terrapin in the pond at TH Beck. Now for those that can remember we had a terrapin in the pond at Raw Nook NR and I just wonder if as the pond dried out it moved to TH Beck….but what about the railway line…Hmm

The Roe deer was sighted again walking early morning on Caldene Avenue…giving a surprise to the lady as she open her blinds!

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