Now! Lunar landings at Raw Nook NR

Following on from the discovery by using a pheromone lure of a Lunar Hornet moth Sesia bembeciformis at Low Moor Banks on 28/6 I thought I would buy a lure to see if Raw Nook held the species.

The species breeds in damp woodland with Willows present. So I thought Raw Nook with it’s abundance of Goat Willows would be ideal.

The first day’ attempt proved unsuccessful. But I went the following day and hung the lure (Opposite left ) on a Goat Willow branch by the bench in the meadow.

After about ten minutes my heart skipped a beat as two large wasp like insects came into view.

Brilliant they were Lunar Hornet moths…a new species for the reserve!

I now aim to try the lure in TH Back to see if the species is there too as there are plenty of Goat Willows in the area.

It is thought in the moth world and probably right too that the species maybe more common than we realise as they are wasp mimics and very difficult observe without the use of a lure.

As I now know the species is in Raw Nook. I will therefore not use the lure again at the site as a pheromone lure which contains the scent of the female can disrupt the breeding cycle of the moths

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