Bradford Botany Group excel…

As you maybe aware myself and Peter from YWT welcomed the Bradford Botany Group to Low Moor Banks on 23/6/21 for an updated plant survey of the site.

The original plant list stood at 157 species.

The group on the night found an excellent total of 129 species.

Finding a further 31 new species! which brings the total to 188 species for Low Moor Banks

Below is a list of the new species that were found and the full list of plants for Low Moor Banks can be found under Plant Species (Scroll down) on the main page of this website.

May I take this opportunity to once again thank all the members of the group for their assistance and knowledge in help us to demonstrate what a wonderful wildlife site this is.

Please find below the new 31 Species found by the Bradford Botony Group.

Hairy Dog rose Rosa corymbifera

Raspberry Rubus idaeus

Goat Willow X Grey Willow  Salix x reichardtii

Common Figwort Scophularia nodosa

Orange Whitebeam Sorbus croceocarpa

Broad-leaved Whitebeam Sorbus latifolia

Wych Elm Ulmus glabra

Short-fruited Willowherb  Epilobium obscurm

Meadowsweet Flipendula ulmaria

Shining Crane’s-bill Geranium lucidum

Druce’s Crane’s-bill Geranium x oxonianum

Wood Avens Geum urbanum

Hoary Mustard Hirschfeldia incana

Hoary Ragwort Jacobaea erucifolia

Hybrid Larch Larix I marschlinsii

Heath Wood-rush Luzula multiflora ssp.multiflora

Spreading Meadow-grass Poa humilis

Smooth Meadow-grass Poa pratenis

Wild Cherry Prunus avium

Sessile Oak Quercus robur

Field Maple Acer campestre

Norway Maple Acer platanoides

Creeping Bent Agrostis stolonfera

Grey Adler Alnus incana

Alder x Grey Alder Alnus x hybrid

Marsh Foxtail Alopecurus geniculatus

Soft-Brome Bromus hordeaceus

Grey Sedge Carex divulsa spp.leersii

Oval Sedge Carex leporine

Dogwood Cornus sanguinea ssp.australis

Bullate Cotoneaster Cotoneaster rehderi

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