No golfers brings good news…

It was a quiet day at the vig-mig point today. However, on my walk to Raw Nook NR I passed Bradford south golf course which is closed at the moment due to the virus.

On the putting green feeding with 2 Pied Wagtails was a handsome male Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava

A record shot of the wagtail( sadly taken into the sunlight)

The bird fed on flies and worms for about 5 minutes on the pristine grass surface before moving off north.

The species is an uncommon passage migrant in our recording area.

Also what has been interesting during these last few days is a pair of Lesser black backed gulls at Caldene fields.

The gulls which are adults have been feeding in the fields which in it’s self is a bit unusual as they fly over on passage but rarely land.

However, the pair have been showing signs of courtship and I suspect (like in Lidget Green Bradford ) the birds could be about to nest on a factory roof in the local area.

Keep a lookout for the lovely Orange tip butterfly especially the males…there were 3 at CFs this morning.

One thought on “No golfers brings good news…

  1. Stuart Tordoff

    Hi Martyn

    Lovely to get a yellow wagtail The two LBGs have spent a bit of time on the cricket field over the last few days


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