Moorhen’s success story…

David Rhodes from Oakenshaw contacted me regarding a moorhen nesting in a stream near his garden. He had a quick look at her nest and she had laid six eggs

However, strangely she was also sat on a leg bone off a chicken!

The eggs are round the edge and the bone is more or less in the middle of the nest explained David.

Very strange!.

However, by the 18/4 David had named his knew neighbour Leonara and there was good news has three little black balls of fluff with little red beaks were now following her around in the stream.

Moorhen chicks below the white X

However, there was still a mystery for David ….what happened to that chicken bone…

Talking of nesting birds I have a pair of blue tits nesting in my garden at the moment.

Shehas have laid 7 eggs as of 20/4 and she is now starting to incubate them. The female stays in the nest box overnight while the male roosts elsewhere. However, she leave the box early morning for a short while to feed then returns to carry on incubation. Hope to video the chicks when they hatch…watch this space.

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