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On Saturday it was the Low Moor & Oakenshaw conservation groups work day or should I say morning as it was very hot!

We were tackling the spreading Himalayan Balsam at Toad Holes Beck and thankfully we found an area that was in the shade!

As well as clearing some of the Balsam we trimmed the Bramble from the footpath leading up to the large pond.

There is however, a heart warming tale to tell. It started as my wife and I were walking to the event. We noticed a Robin on a small tree and I thought it strange that it didn’t move despite been a few feet away from it.

It was at this point we met Richard who explained he has put food down and feeds the Robins and has done so for the last 3 years! He explained ‘ They wait for us and follow us up the path and then come down and feed.

And sure enough within a second and at our feet the Robin came down and had it’s breakfast….Brilliant Richard!!! well done

Some wildlife sighting now. There was a Noctule bat feeding early evening at Caldene fields on the 12/7 and although the pond has dried out an Emperor Dragonfly and 3 Brown Hawkers were showing well at Raw Nook NR on the 14/7.

The best sighting though was on the 16/7 when I saw a Hummingbird hawk-moth at Caldene fields. There has been an excellent influx’s of these lovely moths from Southern Europe this year. Every year there are reports of a Humming bird feeding in UK gardens….These sightings are of the Hummingbird hawk-moth. So if you have Red Valerian in your garden you may be lucky!!!. Happy to receive any sightings of this moth in our area. Thank you

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