Good and bad news from Low Moor Banks

Today I spent a couple of hours surveying the site mainly counting butterfly species and day time flying moths.

So the good news I found a lovely Clouded Border moth (opposite) which is a new species for the site.

At the bottom of the site I stumbled across two Perforate St John’s-wort which again have not been recorded before at the site.

I had a excellent minimum count of the Ringlet butterfly…127! a site record. However, hopefully it was just the cooler weather but I recorded only 4 species of butterfly, and not a single White butterfly.

The other concern were very low numbers of Six spot burnet moth which is normally very common at the site. However, I counted a minimum of 47 Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet many in the mating position.

I visited the orchid area but could only find the 2 original Bee Orchids which are now not looking their best.

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