It maybe a ‘Dark’ at Low Moor Banks…

Today I took my lure to the area where I have previously attracted the Six-belted Clearwing moth at Low Moor Banks. This area is near to Dealburn Road where there is an abundance of Bird-foot Trefoil however, the weather was dull and cool, not the kind of weather the moths like. Hence I didn’t attract any.

However, I started explore more around this area and just beyond some Goat Willows I found what I first thought was a Great Mullein¬†–¬†Verbascum thapsus. However, something just seems different about it so I took some photos of the actual flowers, leaves and stem.

And it could be Dark Mullein Verbascum nigrum! which is uncommon in the north and would be a new species for the site.

I have asked Joan Dobson of BEES for her opinion.

I also found a Bee Orchid in poor condition which is possibly one of the two found earlier in the month.

I have to say the lovely Hedge Woundwort Stachys sylvatica (left) is one of my favorite wild flowers with it’s orchid like flowers. And half way up the main path just on the right there is about six just ready to burst into flower.

Also showing off was the large clump of Tansy Tanacetum vulgare. Now the rare Tansy beetle who’s preferred food is the Tansy (But only by water) is only recorded at two UK site!

Is that a beetle I see in the middle of the plant?……Stop dreaming Martyn….

Tansy Without the Tansy Beetle!

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