A bit of a puzzler…

I went up to Low Moor Banks today armed with my sweep net. I was mainly looking for moths, butterflies and the two Bee orchids which were seen last week.

Sadly I didn’t see any orchids but I recorded 4 male Common Blue butterflies and found 2 yet to be identified micro moths.

However, whist sweeping in some tall grass I found a small beetle…

On closer inspection I thought a Ladybird species…but then thought ” Iv’e not seen one like that before!

I did some research and still nothing fell into place…even thought it must not be a ladybird…But then an image came up of the 10 Spot Ladybird¬†–¬†Adalia decempunctata. Yes I asked the same question..Where are the spots…

Well it is a 10 Spot but of the form ” bimaculata ” And the good news is that this nationally common ladybirds is a new species not only for LMB but for RN and TH Beck as well.

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