Is the bottom in sight?…

I am often asked by local residents why the wildlife pond at Raw Nook NR is drying out. My answer is following the near drought conditions in 2017/18 the pond completely dried out for the first time ever and now probably the clay at the bottom is cracked thus the pond drains very quickly.

This has a massive negative impact on our valuable ecosystem. Amphibians, pond invertebrates, dragonfly nymphs etc simply perish as the pond drys out. Also birds abandon nests as the water subsides.

The pond was full in late winter and locals placed logs at the weir thinking water was escaping from there. Photo taken 22/3/20 showing how the water level has dropped.

photo 7/4 ..Just 16 days later a muddy puddle!
Whilst myself and Peter Gurney managed (at separate times) to save some frog spawn… like previous years a lot along with many pond creatures will perish!!

Now that’s all the negative out of the way…Because there maybe some good news for our wildlife pond!!. Some will be aware that there is to be a future industrial development which is going to take place.

In Bradford, the Council is looking to ensure each new development increases biodiversity by at least 10 per cent.

In the case of this application, the condition is that the developers contribute £4,000 to allow works to either Toad Holes Beck or Raw Nook. These works could include heathland management, wildflower planting or pond restoration.

So finger crossed that some of this money can be earmarked for our wildlife pond and it’s ecosystem which is finely balanced in the wider food chain within our urban nature reserve. In addition for all the people who walk to and simply gaze into the pond whilst recharging their batteries.

One last point: “ The application also includes a landscaping scheme which will add significantly to the character and appearance of the proposed development…..Here’s a good opportunity for our group and our partners at YWT to influence the developers to plant native species and enhance our local bio-diversity.

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