I have to be careful what I wish for..But…

Yes it certainly is a true saying.  But I went out today the sun was shining and Blue tits were singing, two Robins were showing early signs of courtship and the woodland bulbs our group planted in October were nearly ready to burst into flower.

Daffodil with flower head at Raw Nook NR.

Everything seems to be showing signs of spring.  Now this is where the saying comes in….WE REALLY NEED  TRUE WINTER TO START.  It is mid January mild enough to cut your lawn!

However, a very mild winter can play havoc with hibernating animals, trees/shrubs/plants may start to spring into life, then insects may come out to feed, then if there is a late winter much ecological damage can be done.

Staying with the present theme there were few ducks on the ponds at Toad Holes Beck and very few winter thrushes about today.

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