Wildfowl safety comes first…

On Saturday myself and other members of the Low Moor & Oakenshaw conservation group held our monthly work day.  However, there was a rather a compassionate flavour to work…Let me explain.  The Woodlands country park at Oakenshaw has an island in the middle of a large pond.  Now that island is used by various wildfowl as a refuge from predators and probably a spring nesting site.

However, the sluice gate at the far end of the site was blocked by mud, tree debris and leaves thus causing the island to become flooded…so some in their wellies cleared the debris and others did an excellent litter pick around the site.

The work was a huge success ! and the water poured through..

A great job. I’m sure our feathered friends will now sleep once again in safety on the island instead of the waters edge.  OH! nearly forgot ( as I’m never off duty ) heard or saw Coal Tits, Bullfinch, Coot, Moorhen, LT Tits, Blue/Great Tit, Blackbird, Robin and Dunnock.

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