Frog spawn rescue…

Sadly we are in the same position as last year!. The pond at Raw Nook NR which has a leak possibly in the clay at the bottom is quickly drying out.

The pond which was full following the recent heavy rain is drying out by the day.

Unfortunately this has a dramatic affect on our wildlife particularly nesting birds i.e Moorhens and our amphibians. A large mass of frog spawn has been laid and sadly…like last year it is stranded as the water shrinks.

Myself and Peter from YWT have been taking the spawn to the flooded woodland area in RN and when the water was higher I took 3 full bucket to nearby TH Beck.

A mass of frog spawn…stranded

Today I transported, with a small container (as the water is only about an inch deep) more spawn to the flooded area further inside RN.

With the amount of spawn at the site our rescue effort will not save all the spawn.

But at least some will have be saved and hopefully go on to breed next year.

Myself and YWT have raised the pond issue with the relevant body within the council and it was on their a gender for discussion.

However, the dreaded virus took hold as well as lock down and more important issues now have to be dealt with.

Sighting: A pair of Chiffchaffs were in early courtship as were a pair of Jay at RN. They may have been an influx of returning Meadow pipit moving north to their breeding grounds as a party of 15 flew overhead.

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