Exciting news from our neighbouring area

Yesterday I went for a new walk around the farmland at Birkenshaw which is about 3 miles east of Raw Nook NR. I had only been there a couple of minutes when I heard the call of an overhead Tree Sparrow!

I then found 3 in a Hawthorn bush. Now as we know the Tree Sparrow is now an uncommon/almost rare bird in some parts of the UK especially Bradford! I then spoke to a local farmer who told me ” I have a about 8 TS regularly feeding on my bird feeder….They have been here for years!!!! The last time I recorded a TS in Low Moor/Oakenshaw was about 10 years ago.

Southern Hawker Dragonflies have been emerging from my garden pond in good numbers so keep in look out in Raw Nook NR around the pond area.

On Tuesday I went to Low Moor Banks and found 17 Small Heath butterflies and 3 Common Whitethroats in song.

Also on Tuesday at RNook two new micro moths were added to the species list as well as a new Diptera (Fly) species. All are relatively common in the Yorkshire area.

Orchids are starting to appear at Low Moor Banks according to Peter Gurney so a walk around the site might produce some good specimens. Any records will be most welcome..

Whilst moths might not be everyone’s cup of tea!

Well…I wonder this moth which was at Caldene fields last night is called the Beautiful Golden Y – Autographa pulchrina

Late news: A male Brimstone butterfly was at Caldene fields on 10/6

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  1. Chris Reay

    Hi Martyn, for at least the last three winters three Tree Sparrows have joined our resident house sparrows and visited my feeders daily here in Oakenshaw. Assuming they return this winter you are welcome to come and observe/photograph if you wish.

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