A good day on the Patch!

Firstly against all the odds the Coots at Raw Nook pond have a family!

This morning I saw one small chick been fed deep in cover in the Bogbean. This is the first time the species has bred at the site.

There was more good news at TH Beck with a blast from the past, a Little Grebe appeared on the large pond.

I have not recorded the species for about 5 years which is sad as it was a regular breeder at the site. So fingers crossed!!

And the good news kept coming with an excellent count of 5 Southern Orchids at Toad Holes Beck at their normal area.

Also whilst looking in the area I found not one but two Ragged Robin plants which are a site first for our recording area. I suspect there have establish with the wet spring.

I have some research to do on a couple of hoverflies and a beetle, but all in all it was a good day on the patch..

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