A welcome surprise from Oakenshaw…

The Dipper Cinclus cinclus  is a bird I have not recorded in our area.  However, I have thought the steam at Toad Holes beck although narrow and slightly overgrown may attract one.  I have however, received some good news from Freddie Downes at Oakenshaw who told me on the 7th of February 18 he got good views of Dipper Cinclus cinclus at the stream which is a continuation of Toad Holes Beck near to Rockhill Lane Oakenshaw.   The sad news is that the site is just out of our recording area and therefore the record cannot be counted….but It’s getting nearer!

This morning 10/2/18 also at Toad Holes Beck the elusive Water Rail which I suspect is over-wintering reappeared giving good views.

The over-wintering Water Rail ( photo take 19/12/2017)

The over-wintering Water Rail ( photo take 19/12/2017)


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