A stranger appears at TH Beck

I had a bit of a surprise the other morning at Toad Holes Beck when I came across this rather handsome semi albino male Blackbird.

I have never seen him before in the local area although there is an almost fully albino Blackbird that can be seen in and around Woodrow Drive in Low Moor.

In Raw Nook NR I glimpsed something white climbing up a Silver Birch tree by the pond.

I waited and out came a lovely Tree Creeper. Now I am not sure if this an off spring of the birds that bred at TH Beck last year or a new bird to the area.

There is however, plenty of suitable habitat on site for the species to breed so lets hope they find a mate.

I have also noted a stunning male Linnet in full song at the top end of TH Beck and now he has attracted a female so they should breed in our recording area again this year.

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