A bit of a rarity…

Vis-mig today was OK with the highlight been two large flocks of continental Starling that came in from the N/E. One party was estimated to contain 450 birds and all flying fairly low…an excellent autumn sight!

Recently I have been searching Aspen trees in Raw Nook Nr to try to find the moth leaf mine of Ectoedemia argyropeza with no luck. So I tried again today looking at Aspen leaves at the vis-mig point at Caldene fields.

There were none at the first two trees but further on to my excitement I didn’t find one leaf containing the moth larvae but 15!

If you look at the base of the yellow leaf you can see the dark triangle and the green above. The larvae are active mainly at night and retreat into the petiole (stalk) during the day.

The great news is that the moth is a bit of a rarity! National Status: Local. Local Status: Rare and local resident.

and according to Yorkshire moth the nearest site to ours is 20k away! So really pleased! That brings my moth species list for our recording area to 366.

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