Wildlife gardening…

If anyone is interested in wildlife gardening and in particular establishing an urban wildflower meadow I brought out my latest Youtube video on How to maintain a wildflower meadow. Checkout my other wildlife gardening videos…Might be of interest…

How to Maintain a Wildflower meadow…The Spring Trim – YouTube

Two Swifts the first of the season flew N yesterday over Caldene fields. No sign of the Sedge Warbler at Toad Holes Beck.. Unfortunately.

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  1. shaun radcliffe radcliffe

    I watched the video about Yellow Rattle. Can you clarify something please? When you sowed the seed, did you totally clear an area removing any roots belonging to the grass? At Stockbridge, the Yellow Rattle became dominated by rank grass and in the end disappeared. I would welcome your advice Martyn.



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