Where are my migrants?

I recently received an email from the chairman of the Bradford Ornithological Group telling me about all the migrants that he had recorded in the N/W areas of the Bradford district.  I then told him about all my migrants passing through here…….A Tufted Duck!!!!!! which has now settled at Toad Holes Beck…….

So this morning I went out on a mission….and failed!  Raw Nook NR held 3 Chiffchaff and Toad Holes Beck had 5 plus 3 Blackcap and a single Willow Warbler all of which are probably local birds feeding up.  So I think I will just have to bide my time….

On a better not a Heath Rustic was caught last night at Caldene Fields my 3rd record.  But what is interesting is the habitat for the species is acid heath and moorland and Raw Nook NR is of lowland heath habitat which is uncommon in urban Bradford.

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