Visible migration updates…

It’s been a busy few days at the vis-mig watch point. It started on the 1/10 when following overnight rain the pond at Raw Nook NR /Caldene fields was full and attracted a female Tufted Duck. As summer migrants warblers had mostly left our area it was late Chiffchaffs that were of interest with 8 gradually moving S noted with a further 4 birds present. Two Pintails were observed flying high to the south on 5/10.

I witnessed an excellent influx of Redwings on the 8/10 arriving mainly from the N/E. Birds were observed over the fields and well to the east of the watch point and a total of 4,749 were recorded. Then on the 10/10 a bit of a surprise when a Curlew flew to the S/W. Early evening saw 130 Pink -footed Geese move N/W.

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