Two new moths for Raw Nook NR

Today I set out to find any Ectoedemia argyropezaa micro moth leaf mines at Raw Nook NR. I have found the species in Aspen leaves at Caldene fields but until today I couldn’t find any at RN.

This common species of micro moth is extremely difficult to identify as an adult moth. However, at this time of year if you can find the leaf mine it is distinctive and you can prove that the species is breeding, which is good for the reserve.

I found at least 11 leaves and there must be many more in the leaf litter.

On my way back I spotted a moth resting on an Oak leaf.

I wasn’t sure at first what species it was so I took some photos for research at home.

It was a Northern Winter Moth Operophtera fagata another new species for the reserve which is great news.

Northern Winter Moth Operophtera fagata

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