Thrushes and Starlings!

There has been a big arrival of Thrushes and Starlings today and thankfully there was good number passing the watch point at Caldene Fields.  However, early mist and poor visibility spoilt the first hour when all Reds recorded were high and directly over the watch point and moving S/W.

Copy (2) of 20141031_25 20141031_19

Around 08.00 as conditions improved and Redwings came in with some Song Thrushes from the the W and N/E some ground hugging. At around 09.30 there was a good movement of Fieldfares coming from the N/E and E and all moved W.  A few Starlings came in from the N but in the main most birds came in from the E/N/E some with Redwing parties and moved W.

Copy (1) of 20141031_23All in all a very enjoyable watch especially as the temperature was a barmy 13c………..



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