Three at once…

Yesterday the skies were sunny and bright for me metaphorically speaking. After my shortened vis-mig watch as autumn migration is almost over I decided to go to Raw Nook Nr & TH Beck as I was on a mission to find a particular new moth leaf mine Ectoedemia intimella . The larvae mine the leaves of sallow (Salix), and Goat Willow

I thought I would have a look at the Goat Willows at TH Beck first.

After much searching I had drawn a blank.

However, I veered off one of the path into some fairly dense woodland and to my surprise I found a sapling Horse Chestnut tree. I scratched my head and thought I’m sure I have not recorded the species before in our area! I was right the sapling has been hiding in it’s dense surroundings!

So a new species and it was off to Raw Nook NR to find my moth. And yes I found the leaf mine Ectoedemia intimella so another new species. Incidentally Yorkshie Moths describe it’s status as: Local Status:¬†Uncommon and local resident.

Stigmella salicis larvae

But then on a nearby Sallow Sp I found a different looking leaf mine.

And brilliant it turned out to be a leaf mine of Stigmella salicis…And my third new species of the day.

Because the leaf mines contain larvae the moth should emerge in spring. This proves the species are breeding in our area which is excellent news.

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