The Norway connection

Today I walked up to Harold Park lake. Apart from my exercise the main reason was I knew the lake would be frozen thus forcing gulls to stand on the ice!

Therefore if any migrant gulls that had been ringed were about I would have a good chance of photographing the ring thus providing information about origin of the bird.

After a few slices of whole meal bread… It wasn’t long before a ringed Black-headed gull appeared with a white ring J7RR on it’s right leg and a small silver ring on it’s left leg.

It was then a walk home to do my research about the history of our winter visitor to good old Low Moor.

The gull was first ringed in Oslo Norway on the 18/4/2020 as an adult.

It was then recorded in Mistley in Essex on 2/8/2020 and stayed there until 12/12/20. And is now probably spending the winter here in Low Moor.

This is the second BHG that I have recorded at the site with a Norwegian connection. I have submitted my sighting to Colour Ringing website for it’s continuity.

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