Swallow roost…

Some local people may have noticed an increase in Swallows flying around the Raw Nook area between around 19.00 -20.00 during the last few days.  I counted 800+ on the 3/9 and on the 4/9 I saw a distance view of around 2 thousand feeding before roosting.  Then on the 5/9 when I was away I received a report of possibly 5 thousands flying over the fields adjacent to Raw Nook NR.

My question is does anyone have any idea on seen where these Swallow roosted as they roost in reeds at ponds and lakes.  I check TH Beck with no luck.  The only other area of local water with reeds are Bierely ponds and the pond off Mill Carr Hill.

Did anyone see these Swallows or have any idea where they roosted?  If so would you kindly let me know please…many thanks

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