Survey work reveals some interesting finds…

I have recently been conducting survey work at Raw Nook nr concentrating mainly on insects i.e. moths, hoverflies and other general insect orders.  I am trying to build up a more comprehensive species lists for the insects that breed and frequent the site. Please see my results on the insect page of this website.

I was really pleased to have found recently the Aristotelia ericinella moth which has not been recorded before in the Bradford district and my view that the species could well be established was proven when on the 20/8/17 I found a further two moths in the same heather patch.

In addition I have added a Hoverflies to the list a Volucella inanis below.

The other exciting find is ‘ Conops quadrifasciatus ‘ a species of fly from the genus Conops. Their larvae are endoparasites of bumble bees of the genus Bombus.  The species is not common.  However, I have found one in Raw Nook and on the 20/8/2018 I found a pair mating at Caldene Fields which is excellent news.

We as a group have exposed swaths of heather following the work to matlock the encroaching Silver Birches and it is starting to be dividends with two Southern Hawkers now patrolling the heather.  All in all very good news!

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