Species survey and a bit of a surprise…

Depending on your view but to me it was the first real bite of winter today.  So I thought I would do a quick bird species survey in our recording area, just to see if the weather had brought anything new in or if any species had temporarily left the area due to the cold weather.

Light snow at Raw Nook nr.  I recorded 31 species which for winter is a reasonable count.  I struggled to find any Dunnocks or LT Tits.  Not too concerned because I believe the Dunnock can be evasive and the LT Tits I know is OK as I saw a feeding flock a couple of days ago.  Sadly no Greenfinch which is a bit worrying.  The good news however, was a Woodcock seen twice at Toad Holes Beck which has probably came down from Odasal Woods and the Ring-necked Parakeet is seen daily ( present for 11 days) but can be mobile.

Ring-necked Parakeet.


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