So near… yet so far!

Has we are aware the water in our wildlife pond at Raw Nook NR drains away unless there is content rain.

Funding was secured and a company was employed to fix the problem in the summer. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and the work was scheduled for the last week in October just as we had very heavy rain. Therefore the rain water had to be drained before work could commence.

A decision was taken to reschedule the work for the spring/summer period 2023 when the pond will be dry.

My concerns are that if the company let us down this summer…will it happen again ? However, I am determined that our wildlife pond will be repaired as promised…. ‘ Like a dog with a bone ‘ springs to mind!

On a different note it was a real shame I had to speak at the Oakenshaw Residents meeting last week regrading the on going problem of Dog Fouling at Raw Nook NR and TH Beck.

Thankfully the Council has now put up signage at the sites which is great news and the Wardens have and will patrol the areas.

Hopefully the irresponsible dog walkers will start to pick up their dog’s poo and take it home rather than polluting OUR nature reserves.

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