Sightings from our neighbours…

Just received an update from Phil who lives in the Wyke area relating to sighting from that area. It’s interesting to know what birds are visiting and breeding in adjacent areas as this could have an impact on the sightings within our local patch.

27th February, 3 Mute Swan flew from West, Elland Grave Pits direction.  Also found at Harold Park Lake Low Moor.

06th March Cormorant, flew north the from Hartshead direction.  There was a Cormorant at Toad Holes Beck this morning 26/3

07th March, 2 Ravens circling South towards Scholes direction.  Not recorded Ravens in our area.

08th March A possible a Merlin, very fast over Griffe Drive, towards Lower Wyke Lane.

11th March A Goldcrest at Wyke.  Found and possibly breeds at Toad Holes Beck

24th March,  At least 4 Whooper Swans moving over Wyke. and a  Red Kite passed over Villa Mount into Griffe Drive followed closely by 2 Crows, made off roof top height,  North/North East towards Low Moor.  Whoopers recorded on passage and intermittent sightings of Red Kite both at low Moor


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