She needs OUR help…

I do not normally show birds on their nests on my website due to possible disturbance.

However, a pair of Coots for the first time ever have decided to nest at the pond at Raw Nook NR.


Firstly a plea to all dog walkers!!! Please, Please don’t let you dog swim in the pond and chase the nesting pair.

I stayed on the bank and took the photo opposite so please don’t go near the nest site.

Secondly…and I’m afraid this is out of all our hands… is the weather!

Because it’s been a very dry spring the pond is receding and the forecast is for dry weather with sadly no rain in prospect for the next week or so.

I just hope that SHE know nature better than we do and her family will survive and I/we are worrying for nothing.

2 thoughts on “She needs OUR help…

  1. Alan Ockerby

    She was still there this morning Tuesday the 17th May. If you do any guided walks I would be interested in having a walk.
    Went to Raw Nook then down to Toad Holes Beck, through Victoria Park and on greenway to Low Moor Banks to Maystone sarni shop then past park dam and back to Raw Nook. Lovely Great Crested Grebe with 3 chicks on water. Also Great Spotted Woodpecker.

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Alan
      Sorry for late reply!
      I will certainly contact you if we are having any guided walks. Also I would appreciate any records you get for our area
      All the best mate

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