Roe deer alert…

Received a recent photo of an early morning Roe Deer at playing fields near Odsal Top. Given that the top of South Bradford Golf course is not far away from where the deer was seen it could easily make it’s way down to our area…Very interesting.

Spring migrant update: 3 Swallow flew S/W + 2 passage Willow Warblers at Caldene fields on 27/4

2 thoughts on “Roe deer alert…

  1. Andrew Randviir

    Hi Martyn i saw a young roe deer very early this morning on Storr Hill in Wyke. The poor thing looked terribly lost.

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Andrew
      That’s really interesting especially as it was a young Roe deer….
      Many thanks Andrew
      Kind regards

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