Robins on the Spen Valley Greenway…

You can start the Spen Valley Greenway walk to Cleckheaton from the southern side of Raw Nook Nr.  So whilst I do not record in the Greenway I thought today it would be interesting to see what I could find whilst walking the two and a quarter miles to Cleckheaton.  Due to the time of year birds were the only species I was looking for.

A total of 22 different species were recorded.  Which is not really a great total, however I gathered some valuable information firstly rating to the Bullfinch which is appears to be common on the Greenway as well as Toad Holes Beck.  But the biggest surprise was the abundance of the Robin an excellent total of 32 were recorded in a space of two and a quarter miles which shows how well the species is doing in the surrounding area.


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