Red Kite alert!

Received a report yesterday of a possible Red Kite in the East Bierley/ Birkenshaw area.  There was a number of sightings of Red Kites in south Bradford in 2016 but nothing really since.

I would really appreciate any sightings of Red Kite in the above areas as well as Low Moor/Oakenshaw and the Tong area please.

2 thoughts on “Red Kite alert!

  1. Kevin Walker

    I;ve only just seen this thread but I also saw a Red Kite over fields between Drighlington and East Bierley. This was on July 21st and about 3 pm and was being harried by a few either Jackdaws or Crows

    1. warbler26 Post author

      Hi Kevin
      Sorry for the delay in replying.
      That’s an interesting sighting as if it was the same bird it shows it has possibly stopped in the local area for a while.
      Many thanks

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