Raw Nook NR hits the WORLD stage…

I thought it was a joke when a good friend of mine Shaun the chairman of the Bradford Ornithological Group telephone to say Raw Nook Nature reserve is featured in a book that has just come out called Tales From Concrete Jungles (Urban birding around the World )by David Lindo.

Yes OK Shaun ‘Pull the other one’..But it was true.  It appears the author came up and looked around some of the birding sites in Bradford whilst researching his book and must have recognised the importance of our site, my sightings and website and featured Raw Nook NR in his book.

So sure enough Santa Claus brought me the book and it give me and I’m sure the rest of our group a real sense of pride and joy that our little site that is only 4 miles from the town hall clock in the centre of Bradford should be included in a book featuring urban wildlife sites from around the WORLD…

Shaun also added that he has emailed David Lindo to offer, sometime in the future a more in depth visit to Bradford, Raw Nook NR, Toad Holes beck and Caldene Fields…then I could really show him the excellent diverse wildlife that frequents our green oasis which surround our Concrete Jungle!






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