Pollution at Toad Holes Beck…

As reported in my last blog I contacted the Environment Agency about the seepage of a substance into Toad Holes Beck and I have to say within a few minutes the local Environment Agency contacted me and stated an officer was on route to the site.


Seepage into the S/E corner of the middle pond at Toad Holes Beck

A visit this morning shows the seepage has now turned from a reddish colour to white and there is now a strong sickly smell.  Sadly but perhaps thankfully there are no water birds on the pond.




Wildlife and Vegetation dying due to pollution !!!!

I traced the water course and the pollution damage is going into Oakenshaw and beyond….


This is a sad time for our conservation group, local wildlife and the people who care about the environment…but I remain hopeful that the company will be found named and shamed and are made to pay for the damage to OUR environment….

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