People can make a difference!

For a while now I have been trying to address the problem on unresponsible dog owner either not picking up their dogs poo or picking it up and throwing it in the nearest bush at both Raw Nook NR & T H Beck.

I recently spoke at the Oakenshaw village meeting about the issue and Victoria Banyard rose to the challenge!

Then our conservation group received some excellent news.

Two dog poo bins are to be placed at both sites and the Bradford council green team will empty them, which is excellent news!.

Thank you Bradford council!

In addition one of our group members Micheal Wiggins has placed some PEOPLE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE dog poo bags at TH Beck and thankfully they are been used.

So fingers crossed this will help the situation so we can ‘ ALL’ enjoy our urban wildlife jewel.

And talking of wildlife at least 3 Chiffchaffs are in song with a male Blackcap arriving at TH Beck probably some time yesterday.

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