Orchid walk turns up more surprises…

Yesterday I took other members of the Low Moor & Oakenshaw conservation Group to look at the Bee Orchids at the Dealburn Road Woodland site at Low Moor.  The walk started off really well one the rain stop and secondly Clare our chairperson showed me a plant which she had seen earlier and thought it was another Orchid..She was right another lovely Southern Marsh Orchid!.

When we got to the Bee Orchid site my heart fell as the Orchids appeared to have completed their life cycle and had gone… But I did manage to find a well eaten and somewhat bedraggled specimen that was still in flower… so relief as the group enjoyed this excellent Orchid.


Members of the group at the Bee Orchid site ( Southern Marsh Orchid in the background)

But as I looked away from the original site BINGO… I found a further 2 plants but these were in excellent condition..giving a total of 8 Bee Orchids found at the site.

But the good news didn’t stop there…As we walked away from the area Clare shouted Iv’e found another Marsh Orchid..


however, a closer look revealed it to be a Common Spotted Orchid a new plant for the site..

So it was a good enjoyable walk with plenty to see and Oh! Clare received a new name ‘ The Orchid Finder’…

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