No early migrants but good new from Woodlands cricket club…

Yesterday I was out looking for any possible early migrants at the watchpoint at Caldene fields but with no luck. There was however, a trickle of (53) Meadow Pipits that moved N and 2 Grey Heron also N but were flying very small dots in the sky!

I noted the first large display of Frog spawn today but the quantity seems down so far on previous years….My first queen Buff-tailed bumblebee sighting was at Caldene fields on the 20/3/18

Whilst at Toad Holes Beck I spoke to a friend of mine Stuart from the Woodland cricket club ( which is adjacent to THB ). He was busy planting some native trees and shrubs against the fence inside the cricket club which faces THB.  Stuart has also received a good number of Hazel, Rowan and Blackthorn etc from the Woodlands Trust which are also going to be planted within the boundary of the cricket ground.

Well done Stuart and the Woodlands cricket club.. So that will really enhance the local biodiversity! not only at the cricket club but at THB as well..

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