New Ladybird species added to our list…

Found a 22-Spot Ladybird yesterday at Caldene Fields which is a new addition to my Ladybird species list.  I am unsure of it’s status in our recording area at the moment this is due to how difficult it is to find due to it’s tiny size.


If anyone does find one in our recording area please let me know. Thank you.

Also of interest was finding another Heath Rustic moth again at Caldene Fields on 18/8


The reason is that this species of moth is associated with heathland and moorland and Raw Nook Nr which has a lowland heath habitat is adjacent to where the moth was caught.  In addition the moth shows little signs of wear and it’ the 4th moth iv’e caught which strongly suggests the species may be breeding…and the site it’s just 3 miles from Bradford City centre!

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