New fungus nearly gets away…

Following on from our Fungus foray on the 20/10/20 Peter Gurney YWT who attended the foray found another photo of a fungus Spinellus fusiger Bonnet Mould which was not added to the original list!

And even better it’s a new Fungi species of our list! Well Peter..and an excellent photo too..

FROM ”” This very common little parasite of Mycena species (and of several other mushroom genera) is known as a pin mould. It appears on the caps of larger fungi as erect pale brownish-yellow sporangiophores (specialised hyphae) on which its zygospores are produced.

Bonnet Mould and the other members of the Spinellus genus are able to reproduce when ‘pins’ from the same mycelium contact one another; such fungi are termed ‘homothalic’. FROM ”

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