Nest Box joy & that Roe deer

You may remember that Peter Gurney from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust put up some nesting and bat boxes up in Raw Nook NR and TH Beck. The boxes were put up well into the new year and really the best time is during the previous autumn and we both thought probably nothing will nest this year but they will be occupied next year.

Well I have been keeping an eye on the boxes….well not good enough apparently! as yesterday I saw a Blue tit with food trying to coax nestlings out of one of the boxes. Then a little head popped out and the nestlings flew to it’s parent and away into cover. So where’s the photo…I didn’t take my camera!!!

However, Andy at Oakenshaw didn’t forget his camera…

I received this photo of the Roe Deer that has been recently seen in our area. First sighted at Oakenshaw at 17.30 !!! just strolling along.

The following day it was seen at Raw Nook NR and then Bradford south golf course and no doubt into Odsal wood.

So you never know what you may see in our urban oasis!

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