Mystery Raptor…

On the 8th of August at 06.50 I had a Raptor flying very high and moving north over Caldene fields.  I only viewed the bird through bins and due to distance I could see no plumage features. However, I took down as many flight features and jizz of the bird as I could.  Which were Buzzard size with a slower more powerful deeper wing beat than Common buzzard and it would prolong a glide with  a couple of deep wing beats, it soared on flat wings for a couple of seconds with a longish tail.

In my opinion the bird was NOT a Common buzzard and from jizz had a look of a Honey Buzzard!!!.  Sadly from seeing no plumage features and only jizz to go on the sighting will have to go into the ‘ One that got away drawer’

Why Oh Why didn’t I have my camera with me….A lesson is learnt!


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